Felicia McCarthy

FeliciaFelicia McCarthy MA, CHTP, RM/T.
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (Healing Beyond Borders, Lakewood, Colorado, USA)
Certified Reiki Professional (Reiki Federation Ireland, Dublin, Ireland)
is a mother and grandmother from the Great Lakes region of the USA. She has lived half of her life in Ireland, reading Honours English Language and Literature at Trinity College Dublin, and taking a second masters at UCD in Women’s Studies. She has studied metaphysics since 1991, walked with cancer (2003), qualified in Reiki (2007) and Certified Healing Touch with HBB in 2010.  She has an Energy Medicine practice in Salthill, Galway offering Healing Touch and Reiki. Flish is presently an Instructor in Training with Healing Beyond Borders of Lakewood, Colorado, USA.